Smartphone as the controller

The game is viewed on a desktop computer but controlled by using smartphones. Up to eight players can connect to a single game at the same time. Players can personalize their multeor by first logging into Facebook on their controller. Multeor is great fun playing solo, but it works even better in a group. We recommend challenging friends and colleagues at the office or at a party. The more players, the more destruction, colors and chaos!

How it started

We are three friends from Groningen, the Netherlands, that build and design websites for a living. We've grown up with the web and think it's awesome!
When we heard of a local indie game-jam marathon (goal: build a working game in 48 hours) that was about to take place, we figured it would be a great learning experience for us.
As webdevelopers we looked at the challenge from a webperspective and decided to make a webgame. After that weekend, we've worked on Multeor for several weeks as a side-project. In July 2013 the game was launched! You can reach us at


Freed from the need to be widely compatible, we wanted to experiment with some of the latest the web has to offer. The game is built from scratch in plain Javascript using Canvas as the rendering surface and backed with a NodeJS webserver to manage the communication between the desktop and the smartphones using WebSockets. A custom map-editor was created (high-five to Arjen Post) to be able to construct a level file in a drag-and drop fashion. Arthur's artwork, sprites and animations had to be placed meticulously and adjusted to produce the game world. After adding audio, shadows, hours of fine-tuning and testing, the working prototype was turned into a full fledged game.


Multeor is a modern webgame using some of the latest webtechniques, like Canvas and Websockets. To enjoy the game to the fullest, please make sure your desktop computer and mobile devices meet the following criteria:

Mobile device requirements

  • iOS 5.2+ (and iPhone 3Gs or higher)
  • Android 4.0.2+ (with Chrome or Firefox)
  • Multitouch support

Desktop requirements

  • Chrome (best experience)
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 10+